• (Only for official sponsors of the Cinco de Mayo Festival)

  • (Corporate entry applies to for-profit companies with over 100 employees)

  • (Floats require a permit from Denver Fire Dept at participant's expense)

  • (All participants are on foot, one decorated support vehicle is allowed)

  • (Either on foot or riding in a vehicle; select the Float option if candidate will be on a float)

  • (Non-Profit organization marching, vehicle or float)

Will your contingent have music/loudspeaker? (check if yes)

Will your contingent include live animals? (check if yes)

Will your contingent have responsibilities at the Festival following the parade, i.e. booth, entertainment, etc.? (check if yes)

(Note: additional participation must be coordinated separately from parade entry application)

Parade and Festival sponsors reserve the right to display signage/text/logos; display of competing signage/text/logos is not allowed. All contingents are subject to approval by parade management.  The Cinco de Mayo Parade reserves the right to remove signage/text/logos and/or the contingent for non-compliance with respect to all sponsors.


The sidewalk areas along the parade route are open to everyone.  Only registered parade participants are allowed to be on the street during the run of the parade.  Upon acceptance, parade entrants will receive additional information pertaining to the parade, including arrival times. The parade will leave the staging area (3 blocks west of the City & County Building) at 11:00 a.m. and wind through downtown Denver, arriving at Denver’s Civic Center park area, the site of the Cinco de Mayo Festival.

a) The Float must meet all requirements from the Denver Fire Department, including securing a permit from DFD at your own expense. Permitting process requires a certificate of additional insured to the City of Denver.
b) The Float must be able to safely navigate all turns of the parade route, must not be greater than 40 feet in length; the maximum width must not exceed 16 feet; wheelbase may not exceed 12 feet.  


Failure to follow  Cinco Parade Rules.pdf (linked for review and to be retained by Parade Contingent; NOTE: By signing and submitting your online registration, you agree to abide by the Cinco de Mayo Festival & Parade's rules.) will result in removal from the parade.  All entries are subject to crowd control by the Denver Police Department and safety regulations by the Denver Fire Department.  



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