The annual Denver Chalk Art Festival is seeking unique/high quality vendors serving a variety of foods. We ask vendors to elevate their overall presentation, which includes their selection of menu items, booth décor, and food presentation. The vendor selection process will include consideration of these factors and each applicant’s ability to fit within these guidelines.


When selecting participants for the Festival, we will consider:
Type & variety of food items to be sold and how they compliment event theme
Compliance with Denver's newly adopted "Waste No More" ordinance
Quality of food product, presentation, and perceived value
Event Management has sole discretion to select food vendors


  • Food Vendor Fee to participate is $1200 plus 20% of sales, and includes: 10’ x 20’ area (to be used for 10’ x 10’ tent plus 10’ x 10’ grilling area);  Fencing for cooking area (20 linear feet); One 20-amp circuit of 110-volt power
  • Novelty Food Vendor Fee to participate is $975 plus 20% of sales, and includes:  10' x 10' area; one 20-amp circuit of 110-volt power
  • Vendors will remit a commission of 20% of sales at the conclusion of the event. Vendors assume all responsibility for paying applicable state & local sales tax, therefore the calculation of the 20% is after taking taxes out. 
  • All vendors will supply their own tent, tables, cooking devices, storage devices, warm-water hand washing stations, garbage cans & liners for their station, cash boxes, and service ware. Event management can arrange for tent, tables or other rental items at vendors’ own cost. 


  • LIABILITY INSURANCE: Vendor liability insurance requirement is $1,000,000. Vendors selected to participate must remit a certificate of additional insured stating this coverage for the Denver Chalk Art Festival. Exact requirements are available HERE. 


  • Menu items should compliment the event while incorporating the specialties of the vendor
  • Items should be prepared at the vendors’ commissary kitchen and “finished” at the festival (minimal on-site prep)
  • Menus, portion sizes, and prices must be listed in the application and are subject to approval; changes to menu after the application has been submitted must also be approved in writing 
  • Beverage sales are permitted only with written approval from Event Management, and will only be allowed for hand-crafted (non-bottled) products 
  • Vendors may not alter menus, portions, or prices during the festival, unless approved in writing by Event Management 


Complete the online application process no later than April 1, 2023. 

Applicants are automatically accepted through this software and your credit card will be charged. If event management deems it necessary to not allow vendor's participation, a full refund will be granted.

Booth Space Options


Novelty food is defined as hand-crafted beverages/refreshments, side dishes, desserts those items that are consumed on-site, but not a main dish or meal.  If you are applying to sell a MEAL - select a Food Vendor Space.  If you are applying to sell an item that complements a meal - select a Novelty Food Vendor Space.  (If you are unsure which to select, contact us.) 

Contact Information

Menu Information

For each menu item, please be descriptive and include pricing.

Terms & Conditions

Please pause and review the 2023 Vendor Terms of Agreement. 

It's only two pages and it's NOT legal is real information you REALLY want to read!!

2023 DCAF Vendor Terms.pdf

I have read and agree
to the Vendor Terms

Booth Information

Need Additional Electricity?

All vendors will receive ONE 20-amp circuit of 110-volt power included in your booth fee. To purchase additional electricity, enter a quantity of circuits requested below. 


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